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Operated out of the owners home in rural Oak Harbor, Lenke Computer has been offering mediocre computer repair throughout Northwest Ohio since 2003.

Your place or mine?
Lenke Computer primarily does onsite repairs at your home or business. 

By appointment you may drop your computer off at my home or I can pick it up and deliver it back when it is finished. Due to my full time job, the turn around time may vary. Sometimes well over a week.
*The "Covid" thing might make it interesting.

The owner, Jason Lenke also works at a full time job. This contributes to a unique style of availability. Morning? Evening? Tomorrow? Three days later?
It could be a week or two before I get to you.

Services Offered

  • Virus removal / System tune-up
  • Setup wireless printer
  • Transfer system to a faster SSD
  • Data recovery (recently deleted data)
  • Very very basic website design (look at this site)
  • Laptop screen repair (non touch)
  • No phones!!!
  • ​Recycle computer/laptop
  • Other things? Might be worth a try.